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Model: L4000
Apus Lanjue L4000 Joystick - Dual Shock Vibration System - Best Gamer's Choice - Plug & play - Strong Material - LED Indicators - Available Colors:..
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Brand: Fantech Model: FANTECH GP11
For PC / PS3Ergonomic shape & weight favored by esports athletesFeel Comfortable in your hands for hours of gamingVibration feedback gives you a riveting gaming experience..
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Brand: Fantech Model: FANTECH WGP12 2.4GH
Fantech GP12 WGP12 Wired and Wireless Gaming ControllerWGP12 Wireless Gaming ControllerFor PC/PS3Wireless 2.4GHZSoft GripVibrationDual ModeBest for gaming : Ergonometric shape and weight flavored by esports AthletesPlay in Comfort : Feel comfortable in youe hands for hours of GamingFeel the Action: ..
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Brand: Fantech Model: GP12 Gaming Controller
FANTECH GP12 Gaming Controller For PC and PS3 Soft Grip Wired Dual Mode Technical Specification-USB Wired Gaming Controller -Buttons: 17pcs-Vibration: Yes-Cable Length: 1.8M -Weight: 170gr BEST FOR GAMING:-Ergonomic shape and weight favored by sports athletes PLAY IN COMFORT:-Feel comfortable in you..
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Brand: HAVIT Model: HV-G85
Havit HV-G85 Gamepad has Ergonomic design. Very comfortable and not easy to feel fatigue. USB Port, plug and play. Wave type design of the joypad provides super non-slip function with reliable 3D.Ergonomic design Very comfortable and not easy to feel fatigue USB Port, plug and playWave typ..
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Brand: HAVIT Model: HAVIT HV-G61
USB 2.012 Fire button and 8-way directionReal Vibration Digital And Analog VibrationPlug and PlayAdvanced Styling enhanced comfort during game play..
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Brand: HAVIT Model: Havit HV-G69
12 action keys help you play the games easily and free driver installation make the games much easierUSB connection with DirectInput APIPlug and play setupTrip around the build-in vibration motor, vibration can provide a perfect and great performance8 buttons and 2 mini-joysticksTurbo, clear and aut..
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Brand: Logitech Model: Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad
Get the freedom to move and room to play with F710 Wireless Gamepad from Logitech. This gamepad features 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity which gives you fast data transmission without any delays dropouts or interference. With dual vibration feedback, your game becomes more realistic and immersive as y..
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Brand: REDDRAGON Model: Redragon G812
1. lOS standard mode connectionNo need Third-party gaming platformSupport more than 800 games which download from App Store match lOSstandard protocol.2. Support most of standard Android gamesSupport Android game platform, such as Octopus game; and Android HID modePS: Game controller should recogniz..
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Brand: REDDRAGON Model: Redragon Pluto G815
Compatible for Switch and Switch Lite ConsoleConsole wake up functionBuild-in Six Axis sensors, equipped with a 6-Axis gyroscope feature that fine tunes of the body sense, and effectively aims and locks onto the targetWith double vibration function , increase much immersive experience gamesSupport N..
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